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The Craft House

Here at The Craft House, we’re a gift store company that’s proud to bring you the very best in handmade jewellery, charms, stationery, models and more! We’re home to some of the most detailed miniatures that you’ll find on PEI, with a huge selection of models! And we can help you spread the love with our sensational and original matchbox greeting cards. We also have a great passion for quilling, with our stock of colourful cards that pop right from the page. We make our own creations, as well as import unique products from Vietnam. 

Our Mission

We have gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for the kids! No matter what you’re looking for, our staff at Craft House is here for you to help on the journey to find what speaks to you. Come by The Craft House, and find your art and follow your passions!

Featured Products

  • Quilling Art

    Quilling involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs

  • Models

    Check out our collection of irresistible miniature models of cars, golf carts, motorcycles and many more

  • 3XU Products

    You will be amazed with our finest hand made items including match box greeting cards, wooden magnets, leather charms and more